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Fold and Arrange Tshirts Like This to Get More Space Out of Your Drawers

Doing some laundry today…

I often see clothes folded in drawers (or stuffed in them), but it is a hassle finding the one you want.

Check out this video and learn how to fold t-shirts & tanks and use this free organizing tip to place them in the drawer neatly!

Not only will your drawers look good, but you will find THE t-shirt you are looking for, FAST.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In Summer 2010 I’ll be an instructor for the McNeese State University “Kids College” Leisure Learning classes. Learning how to fold laundry will be only one of the organizing skills they will learn about.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below :-)

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  • Julie

    Totally useful tip about standing them up! I have never seen that and would never have thought of it. Now I know what my son and I will do tomorrow…

  • Awesome Julie! Another quick tip…make sure the t-shirts are not too tightly packed inside drawer because it can be frustrating when your son pulls out one t-shirt and 3 more come out with it: ) Definitely come back and let me know how it works out for you.

  • Hi Melody! I love this idea – I always iron everything after it is washed – do you find that everything stays wrinkle free when you take them out of the drawer?

  • Hi Kate,
    No they do not stay wrinkle free :-(
    Rolling the t-shirts would help reduce the wrinkles.
    Also, leaving a little wiggle room helps reduce hard creased wrinkles.
    Don’t pack them in too tight.

  • Diane Conner

    Love it!! Thanks for the tip!

  • You are welcome! Looking forward to making more videos:-)

  • Lisa

    Great idea! I’m definitely going to try it with all our
    t-shirts. Now if I can just get my kids to keep them that nice and neat each time they put them away or get one out! Thanks for the tip!

  • Hey Lisa, You’re welcome! Don’t pack the shirts in too tight and it will a bit easier for the kiddos to handle.: )
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Hanger Hoarder Challenge =-.

  • Jayden Tuttle

    That’s cool! REALLY COOL! I want to learn how to do that.

  • Melody

    Hey Jayden

    Follow the instuctions on the video and you’ll be set!

  • Belinda Avery

    That was totally awesome on stacking the tshirts that way. Any cool ideas on jeans.

  • Hey Belinda!!!

    Tell me how you like to store the jeans.

    Folding and storing in drawers?
    Folding and storing on shelves?

    I can certainly make a video in the future. Simply tell me what you need!


  • Totally LOVED this tip!! I had no idea I could put organize my T-shirt drawer like this! I’m doing a happy dance now! Wednesdays has been designated as “organization day” for me. I will try this new method tomorrow.


  • Hey Shay!

    Woo-hoo for you. Excited to hear you enjoyed the video. AND that you chose an organizing day.

    Do let me know about your progress!

  • That is brilliant. I fold like that, and then I layer them on top of each other, and your’e right, it is hard to find what you want. I am going to redo all our drawers and teach my family the same. My 10 year old daughter was watching with me, and she loved it too.
    Lisa D. Liguori´s last blog post ..Get Cheeky With It

  • Hey Lisa,

    I did a Kids Organizing summer class at the local University and the girls loved learning different ways to fold & hang clothing. Who knew??? lol

    Glad your daughter enjoyed the video! Watch out or she’ll be critiquing her friend’s dresser drawers. lol A young organizer in the making! (What a skill to learn, too!)
    Melody´s last blog post ..My 2010 Highlights- 2011 Message- &amp Giving Away An Organizing Prize

  • Love this tip since I just got a new dresser only to realize the drawers are so small! So very useful, thank you very much!
    Robin @ Toxic Beauty Blog´s last blog post ..Body Pollution

  • Hi Robin,

    Aw, man! Look at this way…you’ll be very selective of what you keep!

    You’re welcome & please visit anytime!!!
    Melody´s last blog post ..My 2010 Highlights- 2011 Message- &amp Giving Away An Organizing Prize

  • Soul_Elixir

    Nice tip,, never thought of it (^.^)

  • Thanks Soul Elixir! Enjoy using it!
    Melody´s last blog post ..My 2010 Highlights- 2011 Message- &amp Giving Away An Organizing Prize

  • AmyMiller

    WOW! You HAD to have worked at The Gap sometime in this life or another one before!!!!
    This was absolutely inspirational, lady.

  • haha, Amy. Nope. However, I do like Gap clothing!

    So happy to hear you found it inspiring!

    Thx for stopping by!

  • Patty Munro

    Love this! I spent Christmas break doing this and my boys and husband love their drawers!

  • That’s great Patty! What a great thing to do for them, especially you kick off a New Year!
    Melody´s last blog post ..Turn The Dreaded Receipt Chore Into A Really Simple Task…BEFORE Tax Deadline Arrives

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