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You Can’t Control Hurricanes or Other Emergencies, But You Can Be Prepared for Them

June 1st to November 30th is Hurricane Season.  You should always be prepared for emergencies of any kind, regardless of the date.  Who knows when an emergency situation may arrive.  As a Professional Organizer in Louisiana, I have to be ready for hurricane season.

Watch the video below for an intro to a big fat paper mess. In the video I say “Sign up for the details in the box on the right,” but the box for this special offer has “moved itself” to under the video. ;-)

I am offering you the opportunity to receive a super-duper, low, low cost solution to help you get your most important papers in order.  Details will be announced to those who enter their email address and name in the boxes above (and under the video.)

This summer you can get your important paperwork organized and be prepared for any emergency, no matter when.

With me as your guide.

Emergency Preparedness Planning Sites:

  • View hurricane activity at the National Hurricane Center website.
  • Make sure all your important paperwork is organized.
  • It’s time to make a family plan at One Storm.  You will find everything you need to make preparations at this site.
  • Ready.gov is my favorite emergency preparation site.

Take action sooner, rather than later.

Let’s get this done before something happens.

Oh yes, feel free to click the “share” icons/pictures below and let all your friends know there is help available if they need it.  Simply click the icon that represents the way you want to share this information – facebook, email, etc.  (Because we all need to be prepared.  I will be following my same advice!)

Your own tips, resources, or thoughts are greatly appreciated.  Simply use the comment section below to communicate.

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  • Hi Melody,

    Love your site & this post. I am big in to organizing and I live in South Florida (I think we get the worst/most frequent hurricane threats) so I can DEFINITELY relate to this post. Preparedness makes all the difference.

    Thanks for sharing. Gonna sign up for your newsletter. Can never be too organized. :)

  • Hey Alicia,

    Getting organized can be so addicting. I think it is because you get that “high” from loving your space and being in control. Life is too short to be stressed out or to not absolutely love what you are doing. Your environment gives you the energy and love you need to go forth and truly live!!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by! Florida definitely gets the most hurricane threats. Wishing you a safe hurricane season and I’ll see you around;-)
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..You Can’t Control Hurricanes or Other Emergencies, But You Can Be Prepared for Them =-.

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