About Me

Melody Granger

I’m Melody Granger, a professional organizer, spatial expert, writer, streamlining master and founder of The Well Organized Entrepreneurs.

I am in the business of streamlining. I help people to get comfortably organized to well organized. I’m interested working with home-based entrepreneurs who are not playing around and want to be carefree and barefooted.

I’ll be your guide to organizing and jazzing up your closets and creating highly-productive routines— by layering on one streamlining strategy at a time. “Do I work for you?”, no, It is better to say that I work with you, I am your accomplishment partner. My goal is to make it nearly possible for you to be naturally productive. I don’t like to teach time management productivity because there is too much time for us to do everything.

I work best with business owners who have flexible time to meet me via Skype chat for several hours every other week and who are courageous enough to trust me to work with them. My clients consist of supervisors, published writers, music instructors, music studio owners, photographers, graphic designers, web designers and other home-based entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses to create more financial freedom while serving others with their financial skills. All my clients get incredible results, you can check the results under testimonials.

I would like you to know you personally, your life journeys and passions. I have an addiction to sunlight, I love the warm sun kissing my face and skin every single day. Also I hate time management systems and productivity. I enjoy helping people build homes or learn from their homes because I am passionate about living where you live. Started my professional organizing business in 2003, moved to a new city and had to start my business over, then I founded “The Well Organized Entrepreneur” in 2011.

Streamlining is my secret weapon.

Thank you for reading.