Happy Moms, Happy Homes

I have gotten a lot of inquiries from stay at home moms. They are asking if they can avail of my services because they want to know more about streamlining. However, they think that my services are only for entrepreneurs. My answer is this: Of course, you can avail of my services! I would be very delighted to help you get organized so that you can be more efficient and productive at home. I understand that stay at home moms have a tough job in managing their homes all day long and every single day. You are homemakers with so much to do yet you feel that there is so little time to get everything done. I can help you simplify your home life so that you can focus with the more important things like spending more time with your family.

Imagine this. You have to wade through everything just to get a clean bed sheet. You cannot find your sneakers amidst the clutter. Your son is crying his heart out because he cannot find his toy train. Your daughter is already irritated because she cannot find her favorite sweater. Your husband is in a hurry and needs his necktie but you cannot find it. You waste your precious time looking for all those stuff. That is time that you could have spent doing other more important stuff. It is not only time that you lose when you have a disorganized home. You spend more money because you thought you lost that sweater already or that toy truck. Not to mention the anguish and disappointment on your family’s faces when you cannot find what they are looking for. Moms are looked up to as knowing where everything is. But with a disorganized home, you just cannot keep it together.

The business of streamlining can help stay at home moms become more efficient and effective by teaching them simpler and faster methods to get things done. With an organized home, stay at home moms can be more productive. They do not waste time over useless stuff. They get everything done in a shorter amount of time. They do not forget to pay the bills, buy the groceries that they need, and clean the house. The baby is fed on time. Moms are able to help their children study for their lessons. They can meet fellow moms for playdates. There is delicious food on the table. And they have time to take a shower before the husband gets home. Remember to get an Energy Audit Peoria so that you can make your homes more energy efficient. That is less the hassle, less the stress.

The truth is that there are people who have way too much stuff in their homes. They tend to get in the way already. Some swear over the KonMari method as an effective way of organizing their homes. This approach asks homemakers to let go of the things that do not bring a spark of joy in their hearts. However, this does not work for every homes. I am here to help you find the approach that would be more appropriate for your home and your lifestyle.