Work with Melody Granger

The way I will work with you is based on my own personal experience and my clients’ entrepreneurial journeys. Three key areas can help you lighten your load, raise your spirits and keep you moving forward with much more ease. You can pick which area you want to strengthen your organizational and productivity skills. You can choose all three areas.

Here goes:

Office Organization 30-Days Intensive Package

For those female entrepreneurs who want to redesign their offices to look more professional look, so that they can focus on their businesses in a more elegant way.

I can help you set up systems around the way you work and think. Your systems will be customized according to your organizing style, as well as, be arranged in a way that makes sense for you and takes into account the amount of space you have available. I work with you to help you create systems you are confident and excited to use.

Jazz Up My Closet 30-Day Intensive

Hard to find your favorite clothes, shoes and purse due to an over-crowded closet that is really messy? We’ll fix up one, two, three…well, as many closets as we can over a 30 day period. I’ll guide you all the way, so you can be a classy, spirited entrepreneur.

Get A Productivity Booster Chart

Get your system done in just one week! You can do this through my proven method for “Jump starting your productivity immediately.”

You just have to purchase my productivity audio. After that you will receive an email. You will receive one motivational call every day for eight days. The audio program is an appeal to you to put yourself into practice so you can accomplish it for one week. The goal in this 8 days is to be highly productive.

Please remember that only women home based entrepreneurs who are serious about running and growing a successful business from the comfort of their homes are my preferred clients.